Cocktails with a coffin

August 20, 2015 Roy Ben-Ze'ev

It's super cool to see my jewelry, out in the world, having a life of their own.

Like the Coffin ring, rocked out by one of my customers, she's into some serious, chef grade bartending!

Here's exactly what you need to enjoy a decent cocktail:

It's a light, gin based cocktail, like the one you would imagine drinking on an island.


50ml Hendricks gin

15ml Quantro liquor

25ml Fresh filtered cucumber juice

15ml Fresh lime juice

2 Basil leaves

Ginger ale, or Ginger beer


Shake all the ingredients together with ice, filter into a highball glass filled with ice, complete with Ginger ale and stir, decorate with sugar glazed ginger on a stick and basil.



Inspired by the Bloody Mary cocktail, a classic with a twist.


60ml Stoli vodka

8 Cherry tomatoes

2 dashes of Bitter Truth celery bitters

1 Spoon of fresh ground horse radish

3 drops of Tabasco

Juice from half a lime

1 spoon of sugar

Salt & pepper


Crush the tomatoes in the shaker, add ice and the other ingredients, shift between two shakers with ice and pour into a low glass with a salt and garlic crown.

Decorate with celery, torch scorched asparagus, and a bread stick / pretzel.


A Jäger based cocktail to rock the dance floor with.


40ml Jägermeister

25ml Sailor Jerry spiced rum

25ml Red grapefruit juice

15ml Fresh lime juice

10ml Honey syrup and rosemary

3 Dashes of Bitter Truth aromatic bitters


Shake all the ingredients together with ice and filter into a lowball glass filled with crushed ice, whip with a mango and lemon zest cream.

Decorate with a burning cinnamon stick and mint.


I tried one of her recipes, these are top notch, hi-tech drinks, enjoy!

If you want a Sterling silver, handmade, coffin ring of your own, go here.


I'd love to see how you wear your RBZ piece, you can always mail to rbzjewelry@gmail.com or tag on Instagram.


Location: Lago

Bar: Fat Kat

Video: Paper Hearts

Stills: Natalie Schor

Menus: La Caligrafa


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