OctoSkull pendant

OctoSkull pendant - Unrestrained Jewelry
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If you are fascinated with skulls & octopuses like I do, you'll worship this horrific, crystal point abomination inspired by the great Cthulhu - the mighty "OctoSkull"!

Right now I have in stock 3 OctoSkulls with rough quartz stones & 1 with a clear cut, polished quartz - please specify which one you want upon ordering.
Gemstones are delicate by nature, please handle this pendant with care, if it falls and gets hit on the tip of the stone, it WILL break.

At a length of 2.6" (6.4cm), this is a massive piece of jewelry not intended for the faint hearted.

Silver weight approx 22 gr.

Pendant arrives on a 27.5" (70cm) long, thick, round, Sterling silver chain.
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Every purchase is made to order, please allow up to 14 business days for production.

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$183.00 USD