Viking warrior ring

Viking ring Sterling silver by RBZ Jewelry

March proudly through the gates of Valhalla with this mighty Viking warrior ring - handmade, highly detailed and infused with the power of the old gods.

On the sides of the ring there are 4 magical runic inscriptions for guidance through the journey of life:

- The Axe-hammer for good luck in battle.
- Joy.
- Wealth.
- Giving / Support.

Watch the ring in action: 

(Photography by Ori Livney)


Original design, handmade, sculpted by RBZ, solid Sterling silver.

The Vikings head measures approx 32mm (1.25in) top to bottom, and approx 27mm (1.06in) wide, bottom of the shank is approx 7mm (0.27in) wide.

This ring is heavy! approx weight 28gr, depending on ring size.

The sculpting process:


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$297.00 USD